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Year 13 Physics trip to Switzerland and France

A group of Year 13 pupils
studying A level Physics attended a day trip to Geneva to visit CERN (The
European Organisation for Nuclear Research) which is a European research organisation that operates the
largest particle physics laboratory in the world. It is one of
the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research, where
physicists and engineers probe the fundamental structure of the Universe using
particles of matter travelling close to the speed of light.


Pupils were treated
to a visit to different research hubs, starting at the Atlas control room, which sits above the large hadron collider that spans 27 kilometres in
circumference. They also crossed the border between Switzerland and France to
visit SM18, a world
leading magnet test facility for testing magnets and instrumentation
at low temperatures and high currents, where they had the
opportunity to see their studies into electromagnetism and particle physics
come alive before their eyes. Pupils enjoyed the experience of being in contact
with advanced researchers and came out with a flavour of how exciting a career
in physics can be.