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2019 Duke of Edinburgh summer expeditions

Summer Expedition D of EAs Eastbourne College pupils and parents enjoyed the festivities of Speech Day on the final day of term, 33 pupils were busy packing their rucksacks and preparing for Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. Seventeen pupils departed to the south west for their silver assessment on Dartmoor and 16 headed west to the Black Mountains for their gold practice expedition. Both groups were blessed with perfect hiking conditions – not too hot or too cold and no rain forecast. After walking for three days and covering a distance of 35 miles, all the silvers successfully passed their assessment. Meanwhile the gold group spent the first day walking with their instructors. Their first time on the big hills, this was a steep learning curve for all. The golds were then let loose on their own and successfully passed their practice expedition, covering over 50 miles. They all returned to base with aching legs and sore feet but spirits were high.  

Summer Expedition D of E Summer Expedition D of E Summer Expedition D of E