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Fees for joining the College

Eastbourne College is a registered charity. It relies solely on its fee income to provide a first-class education to both boarding and day pupils. The College does not have a large, historic endowment or the patronage of other bodies to support its work.

Fees for the academic year commencing September 2019 are as follows (these are reviewed every June for the forthcoming academic year):


Years 9–11 day

£7,965 per term

Years 9–11 boarding

£12,140 per term

Sixth Form day

£8,125 per term

Sixth Form boarding

£12,325 per term


Additional Charges

In addition, a supplement of £780 per annum (£260 per term) for overseas pupils is payable. Additional charges are made for public exams, musical tuition, learning support and EAL lessons. Other additional costs include school uniform and, if required, the school bus service. For further details of these charges and of other fee-related issues, please see fees list from September 2019 or contact the College’s finance director.

For the College’s current terms and conditions, please click here.

For the terms and conditions with effect from 1 January 2020, please click here.

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