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Fees and Registration

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Fees for joining the College

Eastbourne College is a registered charity. It relies solely on its fee income to provide a first-class education to both boarding and day pupils. The College does not have a large, historic endowment or the patronage of other bodies to support its work.

The fees for the academic year commencing in September 2023 are outlined below.

Year Fee

Years 9–11 day

£9,570 per term

Years 9–11 boarding

£14,580 per term

Sixth form day

£9,755 per term

Sixth form boarding

£14,805 per term

For further details of these charges and other possible costs, please see the Eastbourne College Fees for Academic Year 2023-24


The first stage of the admissions process for Year 9 or sixth form entry is registration, which can take place for a pupil of any age. For Year 9 entry, where possible, we recommend parents register their children in Years 5 or 6, and contact the College for a personal visit to take advantage of our early offer process.

Pupils looking at sixth form (Year 12) entry should contact the Admissions Department as soon as possible to arrange a visit to meet the headmaster, have a tour of the College with a current sixth form pupil and visit a house. This should be done, if possible, by the end of Year 10 and certainly by the end of the first term of Year 11.

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