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Family Friendly Boarding

Boarding to dovetail with parents lifestyles 

The College has a strong tradition of boarding and is proud of its ability to provide an excellent environment in boarding houses. There is plenty of time for pupils to build enduring friendships and take part in a wide range of activities. All pupils benefit from the experienced and committed staff who engage with children far beyond the classroom to provide an all-round richness of education.

We appreciate that modern-day family life sometimes requires flexibility in boarding, which is why we offer optionality in our timetable and our approach to boarding is designed to suit every family lifestyle.

Although we have a full boarding programme on weekends (including a busy programme of optional guided enrichment sessions, co-curricular activities, sports fixtures, and trips for full boarders) there are no compulsory academic lessons on Saturdays or Sundays. This means that boarders have plenty to keep them occupied, but can also enjoy time at home, without disrupting their studies. In addition to flexible weekends, there are also some formal exeats where boarders return home on a Friday evening the whole weekend and are not expected to return to the College until Sunday.