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Anniversary sundial

A stunning new David Harber sundial has been installed this week on the southern wall of the new Nugee Building. It has been generously provided by the Arnold Embellishers to mark the College's 150th anniversary.

David Harber is one of the world's leading sundial designers whose projects include wall-mounted designs at Windsor Castle, Oxford and Yale universities. He was commissioned by the Arnold Embellishers to create a large vertical strip sundial for the College.

The Arnold Embellishers are a group of past and present pupils, parents, staff and friends of the College who collaborate to enhance the life of the school through imaginative projects beyond those which the school might feel essential.

Vicky Henley, Chairman of the Arnold Embellishers commented, "We wanted as a group to provide a lasting celebration of this magnificent Nugee Building opened in the College's 150th anniversary year. We are all delighted that David Harber has designed for Eastbourne College a stunning work of art that invites educational curiosity."