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Barts Covid-19 Research Appeal – Can You Help?

We have been contacted by Old Eastbournian Dr James Moon (School House 1983-88) who has asked us to pass on this good news story about the Covid-19 pandemic.

dr james moon and his team at barts heart centre

Dr Moon is a professor of cardiology at Barts Hospital and Head of Research at the new NHS Nightingale Hospital. His team are currently researching Covid-19. Working out of Europe’s largest and internationally-renowned cardiac centre, Barts Heart Centre, they are appealing to the public to raise funds for vital research that could help the world understand the Covid-19 virus better, enabling governments to deliver effective interventions.

A JustGiving donation page has been set up with a target of £1,250,000; they have raised over £80,000 so far.

He tells us:

We have got a major project off the ground in just seven days. The UK and the whole research process was incredible in achieving this. This would normally take a year. The study is on health care workers. It promises to tell us a vast amount of much needed science about the disease. We cannot just work harder to get out of this pandemic. Though important, we cannot ventillate our way to safety. Research is needed. The health care worker study will tell us those critical features about what baseline immunity does – prior virus exposure, the state of your antibodies and cells, who is carrying the disease, what the earliest changes are, what the targets will be for pre- or post-exposure prophylaxis are and how immunity wanes over time. The way we have done this is striving for collaborative science – we have taken enough samples for 25 major groups to get going trying to understand this disease. In six days we have recruited 360 staff at Barts Heart Centre (the largest cardiac centre in Europe), now focused on Covid with an ITU (Intensive Therapy Unit) that has massively expanded to 200 beds. Next week we expand to the Nightingale Hospital with another 600 subjects, and focus also on drug trials there to mitigate this disease.

Dr James Moon, Head of Research at the NHS Nightingale Hospital

You can read more about the project and make a contribution to this vital research by visiting the appeal’s JustGiving page at

click here for information on the appeal as a PDF