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Business A-level trip to Amazon warehouse

business a-level trip to Amazon fulfilment centre

Pupils studying business A-level travelled to Amazon’s state-of-the-art fulfilment centre in Tilbury to see first-hand the hi-tech facilities used to turn their customers’ online orders into picked, packaged and delivered products.

business a-level trip to Amazon fulfilment centre

Those on the tour were able to see many of the key business operations concepts they have studied being put into action on a huge scale in a facility that can process over one million items a day. Much of this is made possible by robots which transport products round this vast operation entirely automatically. A hugely valuable and eye-opening experience, bringing classroom theory to life.

business a-level trip to Amazon fulfilment centre

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It is tempting to think that there are hardly any humans involved in such a cutting edge and vast operation. However, according to Amazon,

Instead, robots take on the less desirable and more tedious tasks. There are around 100,000 robots in Amazon’s worldwide fleet and human employees (associates) are intricately involved in shaping the way technology develops at each fulfilment centre. Amazon reports that over 100 associates have graduated from robotics-related courses to date.

View Amazon’s ‘About our Fulfilment Centres’ page to find out more.