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Changes to the shape of the week

Eastbourne College is changing the shape of our weekly timetable and ushering in a new era of ‘super Saturdays’ from September 2019. The new timetable will see curriculum Saturday lessons, which were compulsory for all pupils, absorbed into the normal Monday to Friday schedule, with no loss of contact time and a new look optional Saturday morning programme. Saturday mornings will be fully staffed, alive with tried and tested academic activities (along with some new ones) and will embody a relaxed atmosphere.

The school has significantly improved the timetable following feedback from parents, pupils, and staff. The Monday to Friday timetable changes will increase the amount of lesson time devoted to each subject, with plenty of breathing spaces and variety along the way to maintain a healthy, whole-of-learning approach.

The changes will create tangible benefits for an increasing proportion of families in which both parents have busy working schedules, and provide new enrichment opportunities for the thriving boarding and day community.