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Headmaster’s Commendations for November

During November, Headmaster’s Commendations have been received by the following pupils:

Oliver Akdeniz, Year 11 Powell, for his commitment to reworking his Year 10 art coursework during the half term period and for his new found determination to succeed.

Fleur Kimber, Year 13 Blackwater, for her talk on herpetology.  It was very well prepared and she proved knowledgeable about all aspects of reptile physiology and genetics and had the added attraction of her own snakes and a gecko!

Tiggy Melloy and Lizzie Prideaux, both Year 13 Nugent, for devising and delivering an interesting and engaging chapel service. 

Kayleigh Winn, Y11 School, for showing how to deal with a critical situation with not only assertiveness while maintaining her composure, but with compassion and humility.

The Africa 4 team –  Zanna Cooper, Year 10 Nugent, Angel Chiu, Year 11 School, Hannah Laing, Year 11 Watt, Natalie Cheung, Year 12 Nugent, Anna Commins Year 12 Watt, Kate Corfield, Year 12 Watt, Cecelia Gray, Year 12 Blackwater, Cherrie Leung, Year 12 Nugent and Tessa Mills, Year 13 Nugent, for being outstanding ambassadors for the College in South Africa. Particular mention goes to Natalie Cheung and Cecilia Gray for their dedication, enthusiasm and tireless energy.