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Roy’s Homework Club

Monday afternoon a group of Year 11 pupils from Willingdon Community School
meet up with a group of Year 12 and Year 13 pupils from Eastbourne College to
go over subjects they are working on for their forthcoming GCSE exams. The
pupils are paired up so that each Eastbourne College pupil has a good knowledge
of the subject area where his or her pupil may need some guidance. Emily Beer,
the Headteacher at Willingdon, and Tom Lawson, the Headmaster of Eastbourne
College, both see this as a wonderful opportunity for all those taking part.  

Lawson says: ‘It is often the case that you never really know a subject until
you teach it. I have no doubt that our pupils are getting just as much out of
these sessions as the group from Willingdon.’  

group has become known as Roy’s Homework Club after the Headmaster’s dog, who
always looks forward to the arrival of the Willingdon pupils. 

Miss Beer
says: “I am delighted to be part of this pilot project for the Eastbourne
Schools Partnership. Peer to peer support has definite merit in helping
students progress and reach their potential.  I am very grateful to the
students of Eastbourne College who have committed to working with Willingdon students
to not only support their learning journey but to raise their aspirations. This
opportunity also allows misconceptions about state and private education to be
overcome. Students realise that they are like minded individuals who often have
a tremendous amount in common.”