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South Africa Conservation trip 2024

Eastbourne College pupils have returned from South Africa. Six pupils from Lower Sixth and one from Upper enjoyed an experience of a lifetime with plenty of opportunity for a vast amount of personal development and reflection.

The trip started with a tour of the historical Anglo-Zulu War battlefields, providing a comprehensive understanding of the region’s rich history. They engaged in giraffe conservation efforts by dedicating days to tracking, monitoring, and recording these animals in their natural habitat, immersing themselves in their environment, and contributing valuable data to ongoing research initiatives. They also explored the waterways and gained insight into the diverse ecosystems and wildlife that lived within them.

They took part in guided day walks, honing their tracking skills and observing various animal species in their natural environment, while learning about their behaviours and habitats firsthand. They attended informative sessions led by conservation experts, delving into various conservation techniques such as bird ringing, snake and fish tagging, and other methods employed to study and protect wildlife.

They engaged with local communities through visits to orphanages and schools, encouraging cultural exchange and camaraderie by participating in sports activities such as football and netball with the locals. They delivered essential supplies such as food, clothing, and educational materials to these communities, while also raising funds to support larger initiatives such as providing internet access and computers to schools.