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Superb A-level results

Superb A level results for Eastbourne College students

Once again Eastbourne College girls and boys are celebrating an outstanding crop of A level results. Over 78% of all grades were A*, A or B and over 50% of the grades awarded were A* or A grades.

 Commenting on this achievement, Headmaster Simon Davies said: ‘The headline figures are excellent, especially compared with the underlying ability of the year group. The girls and boys have worked very hard and those who have taught and mentored them have worked very hard too. What is most pleasing is looking at the achievements of each individual girl and boy and seeing how well she or he has done – the vast majority of them, and their parents, will be thrilled by what they’ve achieved. Eastbourne College remains a resolutely mildly selective school which has proved, yet again, its ability to add significant value to the underlying ability of all its pupils, generating results that one would expect from a much more selective school. It is one of the enduring ironies of results day that a year group may do less well in terms of the headline figure when compared with previous year groups, yet have actually done better in terms of individual performances.’ 

Superb individual performances came from Edward Lewis (4A*), Jason Tam (3A*, 2A), William Hutchinson, Henry Miller (3A*, 1A), Victoria Black (3A*) and Patrick Davies (2A*, 2A).  Close behind them were Phoebe Alexander, Katie Brauer, Samantha Gordon, Xi Huang, Toby Marriott and Elizabeth Prideaux (2A*, 1A). Other notable individual achievements included nine students who gained at least 1A* and 2As at A level.

At AS level, the Lower Sixth performed well, with 59% achieving A and B grades, positioning them for a successful final year at the College.

The Headmaster said: ‘I am absolutely delighted with how this year’s sixth formers have risen to the challenge of their AS and A level examinations and am thrilled for all those who have done so very well. These results are a real tribute to the hard work of the pupils and teaching staff of Eastbourne College. We celebrate their outstanding individual and collective success.’