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Team-building Day 2017

On Wednesday 21 June Year 12 pupils spent the day together completing various challenges, time based tasks and presentations based around the theme, Mind over Matter.

They were asked to think about their individual strengths, to look at how they might challenge themselves and to assess what they bring to a team to make it more cohesive.

One task was to be creative in finding an unusual location to take a photo of their mascot – one frog headed into the sea for a swim, a duck found its way into the new swimming pool zone and a boot ended up in space!

At the end of the seven activity sessions the group assembled on College Field to make a giant footprint designed by one of the twelve groups. The chosen footprint symbolised, their journey through life and the impression they leave behind.

One pupil said, “It was so good to do so many things in one day and work with different people in my year group, not just my close friends. I really enjoyed the challenges, the thinking and the fun we had”. 

The day was blessed with glorious sunshine from morning to evening and provided an excellent opportunity for team work, fun and preparation before moving into the Upper Sixth.

There are exciting times ahead for the class of 2018 and for Eastbourne College.