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Year 10 Field Day

For their first CCF Field Day, Year 10 recruits to the Army Section split their time between the South Downs and one of the College’s sports grounds.  They took part in a circuit of eight activities: archery, air rifle shooting, a leaderless task (putting up a very large tent without instructions), a drill session with one of their newly appointed Sixth Form NCOs, a second teamwork challenge (using metal detectors to clear a safe route through a mock minefield), an introduction to platoon harbours and the duties of a sentry, an introduction to fieldcraft that got them thinking about their skills of observation, and a familiarisation lesson on the British Army rank structure used within the cadet movement.

For each of these activities the eight sections were assessed and scored, with the final results of this friendly, yet hotly contested, inter-section competition being announced at an impressively smart company parade held at the end of the day.  The day was well spent with some productive outcomes for all involved – both NCOs and cadets – and the company as a whole is in a good position to derive maximum benefit from the weekly training to come during the year ahead.