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Year 13 Leaver embarks on UK-US Global Justice and Democracy Study Tour

Reverend Professor Keith Magee visited the College in the Michaelmas term of last year. Year 13 pupil James connected with Keith on their common interest and passion for the Be You Race and Ethnicity committee.

Keith offered James a place on a study tour to the US, focusing on Global Justice and Democracy. The tour brought together students from universities in the UK and the US, providing a unique opportunity to learn and share ideas about these topics. Focussing on developing the skills required to be an effective leader, the tour equipped James to advocate for democracy and justice everywhere, in order to prevent the devastating effects of injustice and inequality.

Between the 7th – 16th August, the study tour visited Boston, Washington DC and New York.  During the time in Boston, James participated in various seminars at the Harvard Kennedy School Centre for Public Leadership. He got the chance to meet with British Consul General, Peter Abbott, learning about Britain’s international role post-Brexit and the work of the foreign office, before participating in a mock senate session at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the US Senate.

He even got the chance to meet with leading staff from the Boston Red Sox Foundation, before receiving a tour of Fenway Park and watching the Red Sox in action!

In Washington, they visited the White House, and despite not being able to meet with Vice President Kamala Harris in the end due to delays, James said ‘’it was fascinating nevertheless to tour the White House and then visit the US State Department’’. They also had the opportunity to tour the US Capitol and conversed with the Chief of Staff for Congresswomen Stacey Plaskett.

Furthermore, in New York, the discussions predominantly centred around the role of the media and journalism in forming a fairer, more democratic, and more just democracy for the future. James also participated in a seminar with Javier Torres-Campos at the New School before visiting the United Nations.

A documentary is to be produced following the study tour, detailing their experiences and conversations, and will be premiered at the US Embassy in London.