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Convention KS3

On Thursday 8 November, Headmaster Tom Lawson welcomed an audience of senior teachers from 34 schools to Convention KS3, a conference which looked at developing a Key Stage Curriculum fit for the 21st century. Sir Mark Grundy, executive principal of Shireland Collegiate Academy, delivered the key-note address. Shireland has a national reputation for innovation around curriculum design and its use of educational technology, and Sir Mark asked delegates to be brave and design a curriculum which will inspire their pupils and involve them in the learning process.

Professor Bill Lucas, director for real-world learning at the University of Winchester, spoke about the importance of developing skills which will allow young people to flourish in a fast-changing world. Professor Lucas has published over 80 books, and is co-chair of the new PISA 2021 test for creative thinking which will be based on his five-dimensional model for creativity.

As part of this interactive day, delegates took part in break-out groups and in a question-and-answer session with a panel drawn from prep schools and schools which are members of the Eastbourne Schools Partnership. The panel was chaired by Vicky Stevens, principal  of Eastbourne Academy.

The conference was sponsored by Miller Bourne, architects of the £33 million new development at Eastbourne College.

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