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Eastbourne College Speech Day: A Celebration of Achievements and New Beginnings

Eastbourne College has hosted a memorable 2024 Speech Day that marked several significant milestones.

The day included a farewell and thank you to outgoing Board of Governors Chair, Philip Broadley; the launch of the Eastbourne College Charity Blue Sky Bursaries Appeal and a celebration of the outstanding achievements of pupils across the School.

The day commenced with an uplifting service at All Saints’ Church, for pupils, staff, governors and upper sixth parents before the whole school community gathered in the Congress Theatre for the Speech Day ceremony.

Thank You to Philip Broadley and the Launch of the Blue Sky Bursaries Appeal

In his address Headmaster, Tom Lawson, thanked Philip Broadley’s insight and unwavering commitment as Chair of Governors for the Eastbourne College Charity. Mr Broadley is an Old Eastbournian and has served as a governor for 24 years including seven years as Chair. Nicky Eckert, another long-standing governor, and former Chair of the St Andrew’s Prep Committee was welcomed as Mr Broadley’s successor.

Mr Lawson also introduced the Eastbournian Society’s ambitious Blue Sky Bursaries Appeal, a fundraising campaign with the aim to raise money for an endowment fund that will allow the charity to continue its commitment to provide a quality education at Eastbourne College and St Andrew’s Prep for children from all backgrounds.

A Personal Story from Mr Broadley

In his passionate address, Mr Broadley spoke about his gratitude for the bursary that allowed him to attend Eastbourne College. Referring to the Blue Sky Bursaries Appeal, Mr Broadley explained that if 1500 people donated just £3.50 to the fund each week (the cost of a cup of coffee) it would pay for 11 fully-funded places at Eastbourne College.


Our prize-giving ceremony recognised academic excellence across all year groups at the College. In addition, three special awards were made:

The Lewis Cup was awarded to Scarlet M (Blackwater) and Matthew M (Craig) for seizing every opportunity, showing determination, and having the ability to make others laugh and inspiring friendships. 

The Le Brocq Prize – was awarded to Zizie N (Reeves) for excelling in numerous areas during his time at school, as well as being held in high regard by other members of the college and his peers.

The Lucie Smith Medals – were awarded to Polina L (Nugent), Leticia N (Watt) and Becky F (School) for their exceptional initiative and contribution to the school values including diversity and inclusion. 

Farewell to the Leavers

Heads of School, Lati and Alex, spoke about the amazing College community and the plethora of opportunities available to pupils. They ended their speech by encouraging pupils who will be returning in September to “Live every day at the College. Really live it. Because if you live every day, you will really love it.”

More Celebrations

The celebrations continued on College Field where attendees enjoyed music from the school’s jazz band, picnics, and sports activities such as tennis and cricket. Throughout the day, rides were available in the Blue Sky Bursaries balloon. These symbolized new horizons and reflected the school’s ethos to aim high. Parents were also invited to view the Creative Arts exhibition.

The day concluded with drinks ‘in House’ and the Cornflower Ball for Year 13 leavers, rounding off a memorable and celebratory occasion for the entire Eastbourne College community.

For more information on the Blue Sky Bursaries Appeal and to donate, please visit