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Clubs and Societies

Encouraging camaraderie and learning through shared interests

In addition to the range of co-curricular opportunities, pupils are able to join a variety of clubs and societies whose aim it is to arouse curiosity, encourage and inspire.

Examples of clubs and societies include:

  • Astronomy Society
  • Charity Society
  • Chess Club
  • Christian Xplore
  • Classics Society
  • Debating Society
  • Drama Society
  • Et Cetera (Junior Classics Society)
  • Law Society
  • Linguistics Society
  • Literary Society
  • Maths Society
  • Philosophy Society

Two societies, in particular, aim for a deeper analysis of broad issues:

The Casson Society

Named after Old Eastbournian Sir Hugh Casson, the Casson Society exists to promote a deeper understanding of the world. The society is drawn from pupils in their final year and is entirely pupil-led. It meets regularly to discuss responses to a range of contemporary world topics.

The Hayman Society

The Hayman Society, named after former pupil Sir Charles Hayman, exists to stimulate and stretch academic scholars in Years 9, 10 and 11, and others exhibiting a high level of intellectual curiosity. This offers a programme of varied, challenging and creative activities that take place both within and beyond the curricular timetable. Additionally, co-curricular trips support and enrich this programme.