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Bridging the Void

Bridging the Void is an exciting new dance/film production performed by the fast-rising UK dance company Experiential and devised and choreographed by accompaniments artistic director and resident film-maker Rachel Johnson. Designed simultaneously to intrigue,mesmerize and entertain, Bridging the Void features a dramatic movement vocabulary performed by three dancers, Clélia Vuille, Eleanor Palmer and Gabi Serani, some exquisite footage of sunrises shot by film-maker Jonathan Binks and a haunting, original score composed by James Welland. Bridging the Void is a perfect collaboration between choreographer, dancers, film-maker and composer, and is destined to become an audience favourite.

‘Since the founding of Experiential two years ago,’says Rachel, ‘its development has been quite rapid; much of that is due to the ambition and skills of the artists I’ve been working with and to the sheer joy of working with such creative people. I’m very excited about touring Bridging the Void in 2016. I think audiences will takeaway many different things from their experience.’

Bridging the Void was performed at the Birley Centre on 29 April 2016.

Rambert Dance Company Residency 2015: The Strange Charm of Mother Nature

The College works closely with Rambert Dance Company, running workshops and residencies which are open to local schools. Each November there is a three-day residency linked to a current piece of repertoire. Teacher training opportunities are also provided. The Company has also worked with the Eastbourne College Rugby 1st XV and their coaches! Please contact Linda Salway, Heads of Creative Arts Development, if you would like to know more about how the College works with Rambert.

We are delighted that animateur, Hannah Lockyer for Rambert Dance Company recently returned to Eastbourne College for the fifth year to continue developing dance with local schools. This year's repetoire was performed in three sections inspired by cosmological phenomena from gamma ray bursts – the brightest, largest and most colourful explosions in the universe – to quarks themselves: sub-atomic particles spinning and pairing seemingly randomly, but somehow together forming life, the universe and everything.

Lindy Dunbar was artist in residence again and mentored some aspiring textiles students learning how to draw the figure with movement.

Rambert Dance Company Residency 2014: Rooster

The repertoire this year was the 'Rooster' which is currently touring the UK. There was a workshop for teachers followed by two and a half days of rehearsals with a company of young people to produce a new piece of contemporary dance. This was performed to an invited audience.

Rambert, the national company for contemporary dance, is the most distinctive and most creative working in Britain today. Underpinning all their work is a passion to inspire audiences with the ideas, excitement and joy of this contemporary and collaborative art form and we are privileged to have them work alongside us each year.

Rambert Dance Company Residency:  Castaways 2013

Castaways repetoire is set to a vibrant mix of traditional Yiddish music and American popular tunes from the 1950s, Barak Marshall's The Castaways is a humorous and playful exploration of human nature. Celebrated for his inventive choreography and witty theatricality, Barak has a truly unique style, the way he brings together popular music, inventive dance and enthralling story lines make for an unmissable spectacle. Students thoroughly enjoyed this performance.

We are delighted that Lindy Dunbar, our artist in residence throughout each Rambert project returned this year and again captured the essence of the three days through her sketches. She also worked with College Art pupils prior to and during the residency. Lindy celebrates the individuality, movement, curves and shapes within the human form, landscape and interiors and makes directly observed, original works. The quality of the marks and colour palette she uses is of paramount importance and is executed with a flowing, organic style, in a variety of media, composition and size. Click on the images below to see some of the sketches from the residency.

 Rambert Dance Company L6 Arts Festival: 1st XV Rugby 2012

As part of the L6th Arts Festival last June Hannah Lockyer from Rambert worked with the 1st XV and their coaches to produce a short performance piece based on Rambert’s acclaimed, high energy dance piece SUB, ‘a battlefield of relentlessly sparring testosterone’. The boys worked extremely hard over three days and what they produced was of exceptionally high quality and was very exciting to watch as witnessed by a packed Birley Centre on Speech Day. Hannah returned over the summer to lead some pre-season training and the link is one that we would wish to develop further. Four of the 1st XV (Harvey Ferrari, Isa Ibrahim, James Potter and Anson Wong) also danced the opening number of ILYB again choreographed by Hannah and again brilliant.

Rambert Dance Company Residency: A Linha Curva 2012

Rambert returned twice this year in addition to working with students from the senior schools Hannah worked with over 30 children from local schools aged from seven to nine. After an intensive three day residency based on a piece from the Rambert repetoire 'A Linha Curva' filled with 'rhythmic pulses' and 'samba inspired lines and curves' they then produced a vibrant, energetic and fun performance for family and friends. For the Junior project we were lucky enough to be able to use the Brighton University Dance Space throughout the project (for which many thanks) and to work in collaboration with Moira House School. Students from Moira House took photographs on day one and the results can be seen in the gallery.  Lindy Dunbar was Artist in residance at the senior residency and addition images of this residency and her sketches can be seen below.

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