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Tasty, nutritious and freshly prepared

Breakfast, lunch and supper are times when pupils and staff can enjoy each other’s company. Led by Emma Toothill, General Manager, Catering (Holroyd Howe), a team of professional chefs provide nutritious, well-balanced food throughout the day.

Everything is freshly prepared using local suppliers wherever possible. Every care is taken to ensure that a large selection of food is available for all pupils, including a range of healthy options. Fresh fruit, vegetables and salad items are available at all meals. 

In addition to the centralised kitchen and dining hall where main meals are served, there is a wonderful café and all houses have kitchen facilities where pupils can make snacks.

The highest quality

In recent years school catering has come under considerable scrutiny with quality and nutritional content being major concerns. By using meats that are traceable to local farms, fresh vegetables and organic or free-range foods when possible, we provide meals that exceed any government recommendations. We are also able to cater for special dietary requirements such as dairy / lactose intolerance, gluten-free and halal food.

Every care is taken to ensure that a large selection of food is available for all pupils.

Meeting pupilS’ needs

The Catering General Manager meets every term with the College’s food committee to ensure that pupils’ needs are being considered. The committee comprises representatives from each house, whose opinions and ideas about the food and catering provision are welcomed by the food service team.

The various teaching departments at the College are always willing to suggest ideas for ‘theme weeks’ in which the menus are tailored for a particular event or theme. These have included Fairtrade lunches, French and German evenings from the language departments, a Six Nations week from the sports department and a ‘food from the continents’ week from the geography department. These events are very popular with both the pupils and staff as they provide an interesting insight into the dining habits of other countries.

Catering for house functions is another area where communication with pupils is essential. From simple barbecues to large dinner dances at which pupils sit down to a fine dining meal chosen by them, the catering team is a much-appreciated part of the community.

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