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A friendly team providing professional healthcare

The medical centre staff provide a friendly, efficient and professional service to all pupils.

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The centre occupies its own building on the College site and is for the use of all pupils, both boarding and day. Medical cover is available day and night for boarders, and day pupils have full access as necessary during school hours. 

The ground floor accommodates the consulting and treatment rooms (including physiotherapy), and the first floor has the facility to accommodate pupils.

Boarding pupils are registered with the school medical officer; day pupils remain registered with their own GP. If a day pupil needs to see a doctor during school hours, arrangements need to be made by day parents to see the home doctor. 

Dr Andrew Stewart and Dr Carolyn Rubens share responsibility as medical officers for Eastbourne College. They hold surgeries each week while the school is in session. Stacey Sharman is the lead nurse overseeing the medical centre. Pupils are registered with the medical officers on an NHS basis.

The nurses employed by the medical centre are all fully trained RGNs.


Medical centre staff always contact parents or guardians wherever appropriate. Parents and guardians are encouraged to contact the boarding parents or medical centre if they are in any way concerned about their child’s health.  

To contact the nursing staff directly:

Monday–Saturday 8.00am–10.00pm

Sunday 8.00am–1.00pm

01323 452345

We have 24-hour nursing cover, and the nurses are on call for emergencies during ‘out of hours’ on 07714 458982.

The medical and nursing staff liaise closely with parents in the event of their child’s health causing concern. Parents are welcome at any consultation with the medical officers. We ask parents to let the medical centre know, either directly or via the housemaster or housemistress, if there are going to be life-changing events taking place, so the pupils can be given extra support during this time.

It is also important to note that in order that the doctors and nurses in the Medical Centre can fulfill their professional and legal responsibilities and duty of care, consent from the pupils is required for all procedures. There may be situations where sharing of some health information is necessary with the head teacher and other relevant members of staff of the school. We will always discuss this with the pupils first if possible. The issues of informed consent and confidentiality are taken very seriously.

"Pupils have very purposeful and supportive relationships with each other and across the whole school community."
ISI Inspection Report 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


All medical and nursing care is carried out under the NHS, therefore there are no charges for dressings, medication and vaccinations. If there are exceptions to this, parents or guardians will be notified in advance. Individual referrals made to third-party specialists will be charged accordingly and upon agreement. Referrals via the NHS will incur no charge.


Medical screening is carried out for all new pupils (by consent). Boarders will have blood pressure tests, height and weight measurements and sight tests carried out by the nursing staff. Any pupils who have results which raise concerns will be re-tested later in the term, and the medical officer and parents informed if necessary.

When needed, pupils will have an appointment to see the medical officer and will discuss any medical concerns. The nursing staff will be present during this informal and brief appointment. Parents are very welcome at these medical sessions and should indicate this wish on the medical questionnaire. 

Day pupils will have blood pressure tests, height and weight measurements and sight tests carried out by the nursing staff. Any pupils who have results which raise concerns will be re-tested later in the term, and the parents will be informed if it is appropriate for further action to be taken.


In the UK, all patients see their GP as the first point of contact, regardless of the medical problem. The GP makes an assessment of the problem, determines where treatment or other procedures are necessary, including specialist treatment.  It is not possible for a pupil to see a specialist, whether through the NHS or private specialist, without first seeing their GP. Parents are always asked whether they prefer NHS or private specialists.

Our medical practitioners are bound by the UK system of providing healthcare. Our focus is on providing the highest possible quality healthcare, and the NHS is widely considered to be the best healthcare system in the world.

Parents should be aware that if they choose to make private arrangements for their children to be seen by doctors or consultants, without the agreement of the medical centre, they need to take full responsibility for the healthcare provided and understand that the school may not be able to provide the necessary monitoring or support.

We strongly advise that all healthcare be solely organised through the College medical centre to ensure that pupils receive safe, coordinated and consistent healthcare in line with UK registrations.


If a pupil consults a doctor or has an emergency admission to hospital during the holiday, the medical centre should be notified by the parent prior to the pupil’s return to school so the best care can be provided. In addition, if a pupil is prescribed medication during the holiday or has a medical / other event leading to a new diagnosis / change in current medical condition, the school doctor must be informed by letter from the prescribing doctor.

Having the most-up-to-date medical records ensures that we can keep pupils as safe as possible.

For UK boarders, if your son/daughter needs to see a doctor during the school holidays, the local family GP can see your child as a temporary resident. 


It is important that pupils are up to date with immunisations in accordance with the schedules issued by the Department of Health which can be found on the medical record form. The school requires all pupils normally resident outside the UK to be up to date with the immunisations in this list before attending Eastbourne College.


Routine dental treatment should be carried out during the school holidays. If a boarder develops an emergency problem while in school, an appointment can be made under the NHS by the medical centre or the pupil’s house matron.


Routine checks and treatment should be carried out during the school holidays. If, however, treatment is necessary while in school, this can be arranged. Any expense incurred is payable by the parents.


All pupils who wear glasses should have them at school and a spare pair is advised in case of breakages.

Those pupils who wear contact lenses must have a pair of glasses with them at school in case of their being unable to wear their contact lenses.


At least one sister is on duty at any one time and the centre is staffed Monday to Sunday from 8.00am to 8.00pm. The night sisters are on call from home from 8.00pm overnight if there are no in-patients in the 24-hour unit. The night sister on call can be accessed in case of need.

Surgery times

Monday and Tuesday

1.30pm – 2.30pm

Wednesday and Friday 

8.30am – 9.30am

Parents are welcome to accompany their child when seeing the medical officer. The medical officers run four surgeries a week each.

The medical officers are on call for emergencies until 6.00pm each day; and thereafter, help is accessed via the out-of-hours service provided by local doctors.

Medical Centre Day Staff 
Stacey Sharman Lead Nurse 
Patricia Pearce RGNDeputy Senior Sister
Pippa PriorSister
Lea HepburnSister
Anne LongtonSister
Sue StaceySister
Medical Centre Night Staff 
Juliet MainSister 
Fran JonesSister
Eleanor VercoeSister